The distribution of the MBP Summer Battle Main Event is released, how do the high bonuses dominate?

Dear brothers, today I want to discuss with you an interesting topic, that is, if you give 1.5 million, how will you dominate?

For example: I want to change a new house, change a new house, want to change a new car, change a new car, want to change a new wife… No, no, no, no.

Let’s continue to fantasize about what we would do if there were 1.5 million suddenly.

Children may choose to buy toys and snacks; women may choose to travel, buy and buy; men should take investment and do business; the old man will save the insurance regardless of the three seven twenty-one.

Let’s add another limitation to this question. If you suddenly have 1.5 million, then let you spend only one place or buy one thing. How would you choose to spend it? The 1000-dollar hotel stays 1,500 nights, which means you can live in a hotel with an average of 1,000 bucks for several years. Please have a babysitter with a monthly salary of 4,000, so that you will have a day of “clothing to reach out and rice to open your mouth” in the next 30 years. Buy your favorite hot bar, such as the picture above, the childhood memories of “big knife meat”, if a pack of 10 dollars, then 150,000 packs, beautiful. Social people watch, if you sell 20 yuan for the above picture, you can buy 75,000. The 1000-dollar hotel stays 1,500 nights, which means you can live in a hotel with an average of 1,000 bucks for several years.

Haha, don’t laugh, go back to the topic, how can we get this 1.5 million?

Xiaoyi has an opportunity here. It is a chance to exchange at least 150 yuan for one block and two. Will you fight for it?

Of course, what I am saying here is not to let you take 1 piece 2 to Xiaoyi here to change 150 pieces, but…

The 2018MBP Summer Battle Main Event will give you an opportunity to create a high prize pool with a guaranteed base of up to 8 million and an uncapped prize pool of 12,000 Hong Kong dollars. The prize money of the champion is 1.5 million Hong Kong dollars.

Yes, as long as you are the biggest winner of this event, you will receive a bonus of at least HK$1.5 million. The following is a list of the prize pools for the Main Event of the Summer Games:

This time the main event is the same as the previous one, Day1A-C three days to meet the players of different time needs,

The main tournament system maintains the highly acclaimed one-hour lift system. What are you waiting for? Hurry up!

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