The bubble burst, 62 people advanced to the next round, China Lin Shiqiang became the first chip!

If yesterday’s game is full of bloody smell, then today’s game is like walking through the rain of bullets. If you don’t pay attention, you will have the possibility of being eliminated.

Every step of every player is thoughtful and cautious.

Because of the restrictions of the venue, the 13th point was played in the DAY2A group. After a level of competition, the DAY2A group took a break and put it on the DAY2B group.

When the two teams completed a level of competition, the two groups merged, and the venue at this time was enough to sit down the remaining players.

This also gives DAY2A/B players the opportunity to compete in the same field, competing for a reward circle of 63 people and a reward of more than 7.5 million Hong Kong dollars! The merger of the two groups also made the stars on the field shine, Chen Hao, Gu Huidong, He Xu, Lin Yuxuan, Avenue, Park Yu “Sparrow” Cheung, Happy, Li Xiaoling and many other well-known players.

A total of 214 people advanced to the DAY2 competition, but it was not long before the start of the game, the number of people fell to 190, showing how fierce the competition is,

However, on the court, some players seem to have a full luck, this is the 14th level, blinds 1200/2400/400, when this hand is played,

The game has entered a 10-minute break. The CO player on the table has a short code of 35,900. The SB player thinks about calling quickly, the BB player folds, the CO player first pulls out 9♠ 9♦, and the SB player shows A. ♠ 10♠, flop: Q♣ J♦ K♥, SB player Tianshun, CO players are a little desperate, the turn: A♥, CO players go far, river card: Q ♦, SB players receive another person! At this point, the SB players are stacked in front of the chip!

In contrast, perhaps this beautiful woman’s luck is better, said that the beauty of luck will not be bad, in the 15th level, blinds 1500/3000/500, before the flop,

Beauty, she is in the MP code short code all push, SB players are also short code all push, other players on the table are happy to watch them kill, beauty shows: A♦ K♠, SB players are K♦ K♣, beauty is a little scared, Flop: 3♣ Q♠ 10♦ ,

The beauty player has a chance to succeed, the SB player still leads, the turn: 6♣, the beauty player frowned, it seems not good, the river: J♥, the beauty player shouted: “nice!” complete the river kill !

After the inventory, the beauty player scored more than the SB player, and the SB player was eliminated. After this hand, the beauty has accumulated a scoreboard of around 160,000. And before this hand, the beauty has just doubled!

Of course, in competitive games, luck is only part of the strength. Sometimes a mistake in decision making may make you fall into the abyss, level 16, blinds 2000/4000/500, MP players bet 10,000 before the flop, HJ and SB Lin Shiqiang called and the BB’s avenue looked at his hand.

Shouted: “I want to raise!”, throwing 40,000 chips, then the back of the avenue is about 110,000, then the MP player calls, HJ folds, Lin Shiqiang also calls, flop: 3♣ Q♥ K♠, Lin Shiqiang checked, the avenue pushes all-in directly, and the MP player folds.

Lin Shiqiang quickly called, the road showed A♠ A♦, Lin Shiqiang was J♣ 10♣, the turn: 9♠, the road shouted: “I am going!” River: 4♠, the road regret was eliminated. After this hand, Lin Shiqiang scored more than 380,000!

Under the strong collision, we may be able to understand the charm of the competition more intuitively. This time, the confrontation represented by Lin Yuxuan and Park Yu “Sparrow” Cheung is interpreted for us.

At the 18th level, the blinds 3000/6000/1000, before the flop, Park Yu “Sparrow” Cheung bet 26000 in the MP position, the other positions folded, Lin Yuxuan of the BB position raised to 80,000.

After Park Yu “Sparrow” Cheung seconds pushed all-in152000 scoreboard, Lin Yuxuan was very painful and tangled, stood up and sat down.

Finally, throwing a 1000 chip to signal the whole, Park Yu “Sparrow” Cheung show K♦ K♣, Lin Yuxuan is Q♣ Q♦, the two fight, flop: 8♦ 3♥ A♠, Lin Yuxuan is a little dangerous , Turn: 6♣, Park Yu “Sparrow” Cheung began to laugh, river card: 3 ♣, victory and defeat has been set, after counting,

Lin Yuxuan eventually had about 40,000 chips left, but he regretted being eliminated in the next two hands.

At this point, the DAY2 game is all over, 214 people eventually left 62 people to advance to DAY3, and young teenager Lin Shiqiang from China continued to cast his own chip castle during the game, and became the first person on the DAY2 chip with a score of 904,000! Congratulations to him!

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